How to find a top list for shitcoins ?

Finding good or bad meme coins, and shit coins is very important. So the best way is to learn what to look for. Checking every token before you buy so that you can make huge profits which is probably the reason to buy it. Here on Bestshitcoins you can find good coins with filters which are important. There are also many websites to find shitcoins like coinmarketcap, coingecko, reddit….but always make research before buying.

Some people gamble with shitcoins, they invest a little amount and if they get lucky they can make huge profits but that’s the risky way. At this time June 2022 the crypto word dropped it’s price a lot but this doesn’t mean that you still can’t make huge profits!

With shitcoins, memecoins it doesn’t matter how the crypto world is because the plan is to invest for a short period of time and get out quickly with some profit. Every day new shitcoins are made, posted on Reddit and other social networks so that there is always something to invest in.

Finding Shitcoins on Reddit
– One good way to find shitcoins, memecoins is Reddit but it’s very important to be careful many coins are bad. Joining some Reddit moonshoot pages and you will get every minute new coins to choose from. Most of the coins use bot comments, likes…etc but that doesn’t mean you can’t make profits.

A good try is to find a shitcoins where a lot of money is invested in, like comments, ads, website, telegram, twitter, liquidity…Most of the time everything is bought and if someone invested a lot of money to make a good-looking shitcoin it means it’s possible to get in quickly and out.

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