What are shitcoins?

A "shitcoin" is a term used to describe a cryptocurrency that has little to no value or potential for success. These coins are often created as a quick cash grab by their creators, who may engage in unethical or misleading practices to promote their coins. Many shitcoins are created through the process of "pump and dump," where a group of individuals

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How to find a top list for shitcoins ?

Finding good or bad meme coins, and shit coins is very important. So the best way is to learn what to look for. Checking every token before you buy so that you can make huge profits which is probably the reason to buy it. Here on Bestshitcoins you can find good coins with filters which are important. There are also many websites to find shitcoins like

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Bestshitcoins to buy 2022

Shitcoins are still one of the most profitiable ways to get a lot of monetary gains but also very risky if you buy some wrong tokens like (rugpull, honeypot, pump and dump....) So that's why it's very important to check every token before buying and to know what to look for. Before buying any shit token its very important to check the code on BSc scan for

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