Bestshitcoins to buy 2022

Shitcoins are still one of the most profitiable ways to get a lot of monetary gains but also very risky if you buy some wrong tokens like (rugpull, honeypot, pump and dump….) So that’s why it’s very important to check every token before buying and to know what to look for. Before buying any shit token its very important to check the code on BSc scan for minting, fees, transfer pausing…also the percentage of wallet holders. Minting is when the token owner can create new tokens to any address. Some tokens take fee on transfers so the token owners can increase the fee whenever they want and if the fee is too high nobody can sell tokens or buy. A pausing function can pause all transfers at any time, usually, that function can be used for many good reasons but also for bad ones. Token holders need to be checked also to see how much percentage they hold, too much percentage is bad. After checking everything on BSc scan and everything looks legit then its good the check the token website, social networks….

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